Welcome to the Holdenville Academic Team Webpage
Elizabeth Williams, AcademicTeam Sponsor

Holdenville’s Academic Team has two parts.  During the fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester the students participate in Quiz Bowl.  Quiz Bowl is comprised of a four person team.  The students are asked questions that range from solving geometric problems to scientific theories to NFL players to knowing the latest music hits.

Any high school student can join the Quiz Bowl Team at the beginning of each school year.  Usually the team practices one or two times a week during the competition season.  The team has a lot of fun at the practices and competitions!  If you would like to join the Quiz Bowl Team, please see Mrs. Williams at the high school.

The other side of the Academic Team is our Scholastic Team.  Each Spring semester a select group of students travel to three or four college campuses for Interscholastic Meets or Curriculum Contests.  These meets are a great opportunity for students to visit several college campuses and possibly earn scholarships. 

It is a special honor to be chosen to attend a scholastic meet.  Students are selected by their teachers to test in the various subjects.  The selected students take tests in several different subjects and try to score the highest to earn medals.  Students who place 1st through 3rd at a meet are eligible to attend the State Scholastic Meet called the Tournament of Champions and compete against the brightest students from other schools around the state. 

If you have any questions regarding the Quiz Bowl Team or Scholastic Team, please contact Mrs. Williams at the high school.