Student Council Election & Duties

The Student Council is an organization consisting of high school students who represent the entire high school student body, promote stronger school spirit, develop leadership, and conduct other activities as defined by their Constitution. Student Council elections are held each year under the direction of the Student Council Faculty Sponsor. The Student Council consist of five officers and ten members-at large from each high school class. The officers and members are responsible for coordinating activities with other school organizations and faculty, as assigned by the Student Council Sponsor.

Student Council elections include the election of the Student Council Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian) and members-at large. Students desiring to run for office of President or Vice President must have been a previous Student Council member for two years. Student desiring to run for office of Secretary or Treasurer must have been a previous Student Council member for one year. Officers and members are elected by a simple majority vote. If no candidate has a majority of votes, a run off election shall be held. If less than ten students run for members-at-large from each class, upper classmen (Seniors and Juniors) will be
allowed to elect more members for a combined total of twenty members, then under classmen (Sophomore and Freshman) will be allowed to elect more members for a combined total of twenty members. In order to be eligible for Student Council office, a student must have had a 3.0 GPA in the previous semester.

Students desiring to run for officer or member shall complete an application with the Sponsor. The nomination process will continue for two days. The students will have one week to campaign. All campaign signs must be pre-approved by the Sponsor. There are no sticky labels allowed in the hallways. Each candidate will be responsible for removing his/her campaign signs within one day of the election. Nomination, campaigning, and voting for officers will be first, followed by the same process for members-at-large.

All voting will take place before or after school or during the lunch period in a designated area and appropriately supervised. Any student wishing to vote must sign his/her name before he/she will be given a ballot. All voting will be done through secret ballots. All ballots will be counted by the Sponsor. Ballots not filled out according to instructions will be discarded. All ballots from these elections will be kept for not less than two weeks after the elections. Nominees who were not elected have the right to a recount of the ballots in the presence of the Student Council Faculty Sponsor and the Principal.

Additional information and rules regarding Student Council can be obtained from the Constitution of the Holdenville High School Student Council, on file with the Sponsor