Board of Education Members

Kevin Arthur, President
Micah Mitchon, Vice-President
DeWayne Maylen, Clerk
Lacee Rollins, Member
Ben Heath, Member

In conformity with the laws of the State of Oklahoma, the Board of Education consists of board members, one from each designated election district, each serving a five year term with one member's term expiring each year.

Multiple elections may occur when a position is vacated during an un-expired term. In the event of such occurrence, an individual is appointed by the Board and serves until the next election.

While Board of Education members are elected representatives, they serve without financial compensation.

The Holdenville School District will provide the best education possible for students attending Holdenville Public Schools.

We will provide all students the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their highest potential.

  • Reading:
    is the foundation for academic achievement

  • Achievement:
    All students and schools achieve their highest academic levels

  • Respect:
    Respect for others is demonstrated in all actions by everyone associated with the school district

  • Collaboration:
    Students, staff, and community members team together to achieve success

  • Ethical Conduct:
    Everyone associated with the school district will demonstrate truthful, moral, non-discriminatory conduct

  • Responsibility:
    Individuals in the school district are responsible stewards of the public's trust and are accountable for educating all students to their highest potential

  • Leadership:
    Strong leadership, at all levels, focused on student achievement is an absolute requirement to reach the district's vision

  • Democracy:
    Democratic values are molded and reflected in all actions of the school district

    Contact board members at the following address:
    Holdenville Public Schools
    ATT: Board of Education
    210 Grimes Street
    Holdenville, Oklahoma 74848-4036