Bond Transparency Act

Holdenville Public School will be holding a special election on September 9, 2019, for upgrades and transportation across the district.  One of the major upgrades will be in school security!  The bond issue will provide an additional 100 security cameras and upgrades to existing security across the district.  This will improve the security of our students and faculty.  2019_bond

Each site will be affected by the bond issue.  The bond issue will allow us to replace the main Chiller air conditioning and heating system at Thomas Intermediate School, continue to replace up to 40 sets of the old windows in the high school, and a new AG truck for the FFA departments.  The new multi-purpose facility will be constructed at Reed elementary.

The bond issue will also provide 4 new busses which will replace the last 4 old route busses and build a new awning to protect the busses from the elements.

ballotThe bond issue will be a NO projected tax increase to the patrons of the district. This bond issue will just replace the current bond issue.  This is a five year bond issue which will maintain our current school tax levy during that time.

This school bond issue or any school bond issue has nothing to do with sales tax within our district.  One of the major emphasis prospective companies use to determine relocation to an area is the school district.  The facilities and offerings of the district is looked at by companies for their potential employees. 

Another major factor for a company to relocate to an area is quality housing for their employees.  Our focus is to continue to upgrade and improve our school district facilities, transportation and curriculum opportunities for our students and help the city to invite prospective companies to relocate to Holdenville. 

Thank you for your support of Holdenville Public Schools and the city of Holdenville. 




May 20, 2016, marked the Kick Off for construction to begin for school plant improvements proposed in the passage of our 2015 bond election.  It was a day of celebration for our community to enjoy as we move forward in meeting the needs and the challenges of our school district.