JOM Casandra Cole
HPS District JOM Coordinator
Thomas Intermediate; 405-379-6669 x 2119
High School: 405-379-3387 x 2305


Meeting Dates

2020 - November 18
Virtual Career Expo


What is the Johnson O’Malley Act?

The Johnson-O’Malley act of 1934 was passed on April 16, 1934, to subsidize education, medical attention, and other services provided by States or Territories to Indians living within their borders. Today, the Johnson-O’Malley program’s purpose is to financially assisting those efforts designed to meet the specialized and unique educational needs of eligible Indian students, including programs supplemental to the regular school program and school operational support, where such support is necessary to maintain established state educational standards.


The mission of the Johnson O'Malley program is to address the unique cultural needs of American Indian students through a supplemental program of services planned, developed and approved by the Local Indian Education Committee.