Oklahoma Public Schools Audit Law
HB 1046
A copy, or hyperlink, to a copy of the most recent audit shall be postd onthe front page of the school district website for pubic inspection.

      2020=2021 Audit Report

A.          The board of education of each school district in this state shall provide for and cause to be made an annual audit of such school district for each fiscal year. Said audit shall be a financial audit and a compliance audit of all funds of the school district, including the records of all student activity funds designated in Section 5-129 of this title. Such audit or audits shall be made at the end of the fiscal year; provided, however, the local board of education may require that audits be made at more frequent intervals.

 B.          Findings of material weaknesses, qualifications of the auditor's report and of defalcations, or a report of lack of such findings, shall be communicated in writing to the board. Upon completion of an audit, the auditor shall conduct the final exit interview at a meeting of the board. No part of the final exit interview shall be conducted with any employee of the board except in open meeting of the board; provided, portions of the final exit interview related to matters which the board is authorized by law to consider in executive session may be so considered. (70-22-103)