Laquita Turner

Library Media Specialist

As its name implies, the Online Card Catalog (OCC) is the index that provides bibliographic access to the Thomas Middle School library collection.

Why Automate the Library?

Librarians are required to answer questions such as::

  • The number of books checked out by a particular user
  • Lists of materials on subject area to assist teachers in preparing units of study
  • Overdue book lists
  • Managing the collection

Computers are powerful tools for doing repetitive, time consuming, tasks. When coupled with excellent software, they are the perfect tool for making work in the library easier and more productive. Librarians may have additional time to help users find new ways the library can help them.

Computers are excellent research assistants. They help users find materials that could otherwise be undiscovered on the shelves. For years, librarians have labored to make their materials accessible through subject, title, and author entries via printed catalogs.

Analytic entries provided access points above and beyond the title and author. Now, SLIM on your computer, provides greater access by allowing to search annotation, summary, and note fields as well as tracings and analytic entries. SLIM makes possible search by any part of the names of authors and illustrators. Wildcard matching of letter patterns provide additional access points impossible via traditional card catalogs.