What is a Great Expectations School?

April, 2018

Dear GE Model School Principal,

Congratulations again on your prestigious designation as a GE Model School!  Your school will now be held up as an exemplary school at which others can learn to be more effective educators.  You and your faculty and staff have worked hard to obtain this honor and we are proud to recognize your level of  achievement..  Your school demonstrates academic excellence and a climate of mutual respect!  Your  teachers utilize the GE 17 Classroom Practices every day.  Your students operate within the framework of the GE Eight Expectations. You are a Great Expectations Model School!

Please import the attached GE Model School Badge to the home page of your website, use it on your letterhead, post cards, school newsletter forms, your GE Model School Celebration invitation, etc.   Please display it proudly!  We are certainly proud of you!


Linda Dzialo, Ph.D.
President and CEO